East West Center Washington

Established on September 1, 2001, the primary function of the East-West Center Washington (EWC Washington) is to further the East-West Center mission of strengthening relations and understanding among the governments and peoples of Asia, the Pacific, and the United States. EWC Washington advances this mission and the Center's institutional objective of helping to build a peaceful, prosperous, and just community in the Asia Pacific through substantive programming activities focused on the theme of conflict reduction.

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Collaborative research on key domestic and international political and security issues and problems in and affecting the Asia Pacific with a view to reducing tension and conflict, and promoting peaceful change.

Study groups to inform and stimulate discussion of key issues in US-Asia relations.

Training to build capacity in conflict management and to foster understanding in strategic matters between the US and the Asia Pacific countries and among the latter group of countries.

Hosting Visiting Fellows from the Asia Pacific countries and the United States to facilitate their research on relevant issues and to provide alternative perspectives on key issues in US-Asia Pacific relations.

Forums for the presentation of alternative viewpoints on significant issues in US -Asia Pacific relations.

Publications that analyze key contemporary issues and problems of regional significance to clarify debates in the scholarly and policy communities and advance new research and policy directions.

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